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Calabar Hub

The Calabar Hub is a citadel of resourceful young men and women who are united by a common purpose of shaping their community and the world. As Shapers, we respond with innovation to the challenges and needs of our community, particularly empowered by our diverse membership which spans different cultural, economic and professional backgrounds. We are passionate and remain committed to shaping the social and economic landscape of our community.

16 members

Abenmire Adi

Joined 31 May 2021

Adek Bassey

Joined 20 Dec 2018

Pamela Braide

Joined 12 Jun 2014

Deborah Tamuno-Tonye Braide

Joined 15 Sep 2017

Praise David-Oku

Joined 21 Dec 2018

Benaye Eko

Joined 29 Dec 2018

Kehole Enya

Joined 20 Aug 2019

Grace Ihejiamaizu

Joined 20 Mar 2015

Impact Officer

Francis Imoke

Joined 31 May 2021


Uwakmfon Nsa

Joined 31 May 2021

Destiny Nsabasi

Joined 22 Aug 2019


Goodness Odey

Joined 20 Aug 2019

Jude Ogalama Ogar

Joined 20 Oct 2017

Bassey Sam

Joined 30 Apr 2015

Abasiekeme Umana

Joined 19 Dec 2018

Praises Victor Olubayode

Joined 1 Jun 2021

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