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Global Shapers Calgary is a not-for-profit organization comprised of some of the city’s brightest young talent, including leading professionals in the realms of business, technology, healthcare, and academia. We are next-generation Calgarians who are ready to step up and fill a void of leadership in the city that can be addressed with new thinking, new energy, and new collaborations. We of course, stand on the shoulders of so many Calgary giants who have cleared a path for us to thrive. Our 2019-20 year has us focusing on four strategic areas: Climate Action, Future Cities, Civic Life, and Healthy Cities. Most importantly, our organization is committed to principles of equality, diversity, and truth and reconciliation in everything we do.

27 members


Jason Ribeiro

Chelsea Bedrejo

Zak Biggs

Harry Chandler

Robert Falconer

Brandon Hamilton

Brittany Nicole Humphry

Christian Ladores

Karen Lamola

Christopher Lloyd

Anita Ludwar

Zahid Rawat

Cameron Raynor

Madison Savilow

Robyn Seetal

Cassidee Smith

Theresa Tiffany Tang

Zain Velji

Xiaoqi (Vicky) Wang

Jane Zhang

Damilare Asaolu

Sami Brar

Sami Brar

Rachelle Forster

Emi Ying Linds

Craig Scott

Zoe Whitfield

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