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Cali Hub

Cali Hub is a team of young people committed to a common purpose "to inspire, connect and empower the community to build a better society" with an operation model focused on innovative methodologies in accordance with the needs of our region. Cali Hub is recognized for providing useful tools to communities, to empower them by contributing in their development. Our main focus is entrepreneurship, youth empowerment and education.

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18 members


Carlos Prado

Founding Curator

Alexei Arbona

Kateryn Marcela Carrillo

Fabio Embus

Andres Damian Carlos Jairo Erazo Jimenez

Camila Fierro

Paula Gaviria

Santiago Gomez Zuluaga

Maicol Londoño

Alexa Lozano Jirado

Diana Méndez

Sergio Olivares



David Yusti Rayo

Camilo Jimenez

Lina Marin

Isabella Ruiz

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