Cambridge Hub

The Cambridge Hub is a large, vibrant and diverse group. Combining town and gown, we bring together diverse skills and interests, encompassing: sustainability; women empowerment; education; entrepreneurship; and digital technologies.

We care deeply about having an impact in Cambridge and the world beyond. You can find some examples of our current projects and activities below.

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18 members

Ben Attle

Joined 29 Oct 2021

William Awomoyi

Joined 26 Dec 2022

Juan Azcarreta-Ortiz

Joined 28 Aug 2019

Blake Byrne

Joined 14 Apr 2022

Elisabeth Feldstein

Joined 18 Dec 2022

Bernhard Gapp

Joined 8 Apr 2020


Roohi Huma

Joined 18 Oct 2019

Harindi Jayakody

Joined 2 Nov 2021

Abbas Kazmi

Joined 29 Aug 2019

Mylo Kidwell

Joined 17 Jan 2024

Katharina Kramer

Joined 2 Feb 2021

Grace Mueller

Joined 26 Oct 2022

Jivan Navani

Joined 15 Jul 2020

Eleonore Poli

Joined 4 Apr 2020

Khushboo Shah

Joined 19 Jan 2024

Veeraj Shah

Joined 29 Sep 2022

Zsófia Szlamka

Joined 16 Aug 2018


James Walsh

Joined 28 Sep 2022

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