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The Global Shapers Community Canberra, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, is a group of young Canberrans from all walks of life, drawn together by our demonstrated commitment to improving our communities. We have representation from business, academia, education, government, NGO's, Not-for-Profits and star ups. Our members work to improve gender equality, end violence against women, engage youth with international affairs, create banks for refugees and more. We meet regularly in a close and supportive environment to learn together, and leverage each other’s expertise and networks to amplify our social impact.

22 members


Vanessa Brettell

Joined 16 Aug 2018


Sam Cheah

Joined 15 Sep 2017

Impact Officer

Finbar Piper

Joined 27 Jul 2020

Tasman Bain

Joined 2 Oct 2015

Asha Clementi

Joined 5 Jul 2021

Cassie Cohen

Joined 21 May 2019

Kate Crowhurst

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Kareem El-Ansary

Joined 19 Jul 2018

Sophie Fisher

Joined 19 Apr 2018

Benjamin Gill

Joined 5 Feb 2016

James Liu

Joined 11 Jul 2021

Steve Pocock

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Camille Schloeffel

Joined 26 Jul 2020

Joshua Woodyatt

Joined 28 Jun 2021

Jessica Woolnough

Joined 28 Jun 2021

Katherine Wright

Joined 1 Feb 2018

Gina Zheng

Joined 20 May 2019

Rae Knopik

Joined 29 Jun 2021

Erika Ly

Joined 27 Sep 2021

Natalija Nikolić

Joined 26 Jul 2020

Lisa Rapley

Joined 20 May 2020

Catherine Yeong

Joined 27 Sep 2021

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