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The Global Shapers Community Canberra, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, is a group of young Canberrans from all walks of life, drawn together by our demonstrated commitment to improving our communities. We have representation from business, academia, education, government, NGO's, Not-for-Profits and more. Our members work to improve gender equality, end violence against women, engage youth with international affairs, create banks for refugees and more. We meet regularly in a close and supportive environment to learn together, and leverage each other’s expertise and networks to amplify our social impact.

19 members


Sophia Hamblin Wang

Chief Operations Officer

Kate Crowhurst

Benjamin Gill

Youth Director

@ Australian National University Students' Association

Jordan Kerr

Senior Consultant

@ EY

Dane Moores

Senior Policy Advisor

Shyoo Liam OsawaTyndall


Ashleigh Streeter-Jones

Award winning gender activist

Hannah Wandel

Founder & CEO

Shelley Cable

Senior Consultant

Samantha An Mun Cheah


Tara Cheyne


@ Belconnen Community Council

Cassie Cohen

Communications Officer

Christina Delay


Sophie Fisher


Akash Patel

Medical Student

Alyssa Meredith Shaw

Postgraduate - Master of Studies (Adv)

Emily Sisson


Katherine Lone Wright


Gina Zheng


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