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Cape Town Hub

The Cape Town hub is a network of exceptional individuals who are a diverse group of changemakers with a balance of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs connected by a passion to develop the world from the city of Cape Town.

Together these individuals use their diverse skillsets to run projects which have a central focus on development and the measurement of their impact is in how they have developed the communities in the city, the country, the continent and the world through the initiatives they focus on.

Cape Town projects whilst centralized on a theme of development have a range of focus areas including gender equality, youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and technology for public good. The Cape Town hub is committed to creating a better world for all.

15 members


Kate Dunjane

Aviwe Funani

Founding Curator

Alan Knott-Craig

Mona Lisa Bango

Philippa Dods

Mayra Hartmann

Cindy Helfer

Tebogo Kopele

Ondela Mlandu

Mmabatlokoa Clare Molefe

Kelly-Ann Mostert

Sambesiwe Ndubela

Nkechi Okwuone

Farhana Parker

Lucia Schlemmer

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