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The hub of global shapers Cartagena is a multicultural hub, with members from different nations and different professional areas with the motivation to help in the different problems that arise in the city.

Having a very diverse hub helps us to have a continuous learning in all issues such as environmental, social, entrepreneurship and technology.

This learning is reflected in our 2015 social and environmental project "Agua Para La Vida" in the community of Caño del Oro and our leadership incubator #Boske from November 2018 until December 2019.

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14 members


Giuseppe Abbrescia

Joined 9 Jun 2019


Thaly Durán

Joined 30 Jan 2022

Impact Officer

Sebastián Gómez Ospino

Joined 17 Jan 2022


Joined 5 Mar 2018

Andrea Ahumada

Joined 26 Jun 2020

Andrea Yariht Canabal Olivero

Joined 28 Jun 2020

Daniela Carvajalino Martinez

Joined 23 Feb 2017

Beatriz Dager

Joined 7 May 2019

Laura Isabella De Rosa Garzon

Joined 27 Sep 2018

Minerva Palacio

Joined 26 May 2019

David Santiago Peñaranda Gualteros

Joined 11 Aug 2019

Mario Vergara Ebratt

Joined 7 May 2019

Maria José Chamorro

Joined 29 Jun 2020

Egling Merino

Joined 27 Jun 2020

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