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The Casablanca Hub is a diverse team of passionate young leaders committed to make a significant impact on Casablanca, and the world at large. Among our team you can find an AI researcher, an author, a visual artist, an entrepreneur, an engineer, a student, a lawyer, a psychologist, and much more.

We are working on 6 projects under the 3 impact areas Equity & Inclusion, Education & Employment and Climate change.

To have a positive impact in our local community in Casablanca, we have implemented 6 projects #Qra Ktabi, Social Inclusion for minor Girls in detention, Social Inclusion for refugees and former prisoners, Legal'up, Education 4.0 and Glissa "Shapers Talk".

We are working in partnership with local NGOs and organizations to make our projects more sustainable and to have a large impact together (TIBU (Leadership by Basketball), Foundation Orient Occident, Association Relais Prison Société, Center Abdeslam Bennani for minor girls in detention, Lead Morocco).

34 members

El Mehdi Abdennassar

Joined 7 Jun 2018


Zainaba Aboumoussa

Joined 20 Feb 2020

Ismail Aboutahir

Joined 5 May 2020

Mariam Ait Moulay

Joined 20 Sep 2022


Joined 28 Jun 2020

Hajar Aquerouach

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Mohammed Attaa

Joined 28 May 2019


Mohamed Amine AZAF

Joined 20 Sep 2022

Nissrine Ben Hida

Joined 31 Jan 2024

Samah Bettachi

Joined 22 Sep 2022

Chaimaa Chabraoui

Joined 16 Apr 2023

Oumaima chahbi

Joined 16 Apr 2023

Souhail DINANE

Joined 25 Sep 2022

Fatima Zahra El Azhar

Joined 31 Jan 2024

Otmane El azzaoui

Joined 20 Feb 2020

Hassan El Faijah

Joined 31 May 2019

Zakaria El Kanouni

Joined 30 Jan 2024

Nassim El Qochairi

Joined 7 May 2019

Mehdi Fracso

Joined 16 Apr 2023

Ayoub Ghamas

Joined 24 Oct 2023


Joined 20 Feb 2020

Nisrine Jaouane

Joined 21 Jul 2023

Zineb Khanjari

Joined 2 Dec 2020

Azeddine Kouira

Joined 28 Nov 2023

Abdessamad Lotfi

Joined 10 Mar 2023

Khalid Machchate

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Yacer Manyani

Joined 19 Apr 2023

Youness Miloudi

Joined 11 Oct 2018

Nacer Najdi

Joined 4 Oct 2018

Youssef Outikni

Joined 20 Feb 2020

Abdeljabbar Sfaoui

Joined 15 Jan 2023

Mouna Tahar

Joined 30 Jan 2023


Joined 18 Apr 2023


Joined 20 Feb 2020

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