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The Global Shapers Community - Cebu Hub aims to improve the state of Cebu in the areas of Citizenship Engagement, Environmental Conservation, Business Development, and Universal Education (C.E.B.U.). For more information on our Hub membership and projects, or for information on applications or transfers, please visit our facebook page at

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Via Marie Abellanosa

Joined 7 Aug 2019

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Jay Aldeguer

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Lorenzo Almario

Joined 19 Jul 2018

Isabella Kristianne Angan

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Carlo Chen-Delantar

Joined 30 Apr 2014

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Nicole Blue David

Joined 30 May 2022

Charmaine Ong de Leon

Joined 9 Nov 2017

Katrina Miren Escaño

Joined 30 May 2022

Arianna Fernando

Joined 12 Jul 2021


Dan Clever Gigantone

Joined 19 Sep 2019

Charlie Dyanne Golingay

Joined 7 Jul 2022

Carlostito Angelo Gothong

Joined 10 May 2017

Ana Patricia Loren

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Jaime Emil Thomas Duterte Luga

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Alexandra Muñoz

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Earl Ng

Joined 24 May 2018

Jessica Ouano

Joined 31 Jul 2019

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