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Chandigarh Hub

Chandigarh Hub is comprised of highly motivated and talented individuals from various walks of lives. From designers to social entrepreneurs to tech wizards to marketers to travelers to startup ecosystem enablers - We have them all. Our hub is focused on finding scalable solutions to issues plaguing the society. Most of our projects are in 'plug and play' form. We are working on various issues - blood donation, gender sensitivity, sanitation, health etc. We heavily use technology to make projects scalable and in the reach of a common man. We all are motivated by the deep desire to shape our communities and create sustainable impact.

21 members


Param Kalra

Kashish Aggarwal

Arushi Aggarwal

Amanbir Ahluwalia

Jaideep Bansal

Gershon Dagba

Pranjal Kapoor

Vansh Kataria

Sumit Malik

Pritika Mehta

Prince Opoku

Gurkaram Singh

Amanveer Singh

Simarpreet Singh

Dipansh Singla

Manmeet Duggal

Parampreet Singh Kalra

Saurab Rajput

Abhinav Rathour

Abhinav Rathour

Founding Curator

Munish Jauhar

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