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Charlotte Hub

The Charlotte Hub of the Global Shapers strives to be a voice impacting the future in local, regional and global thought processes and a catalyst of entrepreneurship in the global public interest. We have been tasked by the World Economic Forum to impact our community in a positive way, and believe success comes through community partnerships, uniting existing efforts and pushing ourselves to take action.

23 members


Gillian Small

Allison Jones

Founding Curator

Rye Barcott

Kevin Chamberlin

Carrie Cook

Calvin Cupini

Alexandra Marie Hunter

Amir Ismail

Julia Landauer

RaQuaam Smith

Elizabeth Merilyn Stevens

Justin Taylor

Isobel Kerr Thompson

Ryan Carter

Bethany Darnley

Meredith Dean

Eric Ekwueme

Sebastian Feculak

Elena Kacan

Ana Patino

Caitlin Sellers Castevens

Colleen Tully

Austin Webster

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