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Cleveland Hub

Cleveland Global Shapers is a diverse group of young impact oriented leaders working to affect change in our community while leveraging our global network.

31 members


Jonathan Steirer

Anthony Anderson

Edmund Kwame Botchway

Danielle Curran

Feras Deiratany

Joshua Edmonds

Taylor Henschel

Kara Hornikel

Esther Kim

Samantha Peddicord

Anastasia Rokisky

Julianne Roseman

Allosious Snodgrass

Elena Stachew

Joshua Su

Alison Tanker

Ashley Wilson

Lauren Wyeth

Donald Christopher Bittala

Megan Elizabeth Casey

Sing Yuen Chan


Davis Filippell

Emily Graczyk

Jessica Faith Ice

Krista Marie Mobley

Joseph Wayne Pavlisko

Lana Radl

Kartik Ramkumar

Peter D Truog

Founding Curator

Nick Barendt

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