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The Cordoba Hub is a diverse, proactive and dynamic foundation. We are a group of entrepreneurs, educators, politicians, scientists, artists and innovators seeking to address our city's most pressing issues by challenging the status quo, and proposing core transformations to our local leaders. The initiatives in the Cordoba Hub have addressed a variety of topics ranging from gender equality, entrepreneurs development, social inclusion, scientific research, and climate change. In 2018, we received a grant from the national government to create an Entrepreneurs Club in collaboration with the local municipality of Cordoba where we have developed pre incubation programs for more than 100 social entrepreneurs. Also, in that year we launched a project in collaboration with the Cambridge Hub and Cambridge University, which resulted in a Program called iTeams that connects students, scientific researchers, Cordoba's public university, and the state ministry of science and technology all working together to bring knowledge and innovation to market, and create value for society. This are the main initiatives the Cordoba Hub is currently running, along with seed projects in gender equality, climate change, and education. Since July 2019 we have hired a part-time operation's coordinator that has been helping us with communications, administrative work and financials, professionalizing our organization. Our ambition is to scale up our projects in collaboration with local, public and private organizations. 


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