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The Cordoba Hub is characterized by the friendship among its talented members. We focus on building strong, meaningful relationships inside the hub, which translates into great team work. This applies not only to hub projects but to everything we do to improve the state of the world. In fact, our Hub has been the birthplace of many great ideas and collaboration between members. We have recently focused on increasing diversity among our members to widen our perspective and reach more areas of expertise. Our initiatives in Cordoba have addressed a variety of topics ranging from gender equality and innovation in the workplace, to social cohesion and edtech. We work with local organizations to leverage our impact, coordinating multistakeholder dialog to make things happen. One of our main projects for 2017 was the organization of Shape Latam COR'17. Now, facing 2018, we have set new goals for ourselves, focusing the areas of work of our projects in 5 SDGs, Gender Equality, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Reduced Inequalities.

37 members


Maria Elena Provensal

Director, Operations

@ Incutex Company Builders

Mariana Leticia Aguilar Quiroga


@ Agener

Gaston Baena

Project Manager - Integral Crime Prevention and Citizen Security Plan

María Belén Bañuelos

International Relations

Macarena Bezos


Franco Paul Bonafe

Postdoctoral Scientist

Ezequiel Bucai


Gisela Cari


María Sofía Chacón


Rocío Belén Chinellato

University youth Leader

Cristian Garrido

Physical Therapist

Marcos Heyd

Co-founder & CEO / Member

Ibarra Ibarra


Paula Kantor


Natsue Ayelén Kiyama

Fashion and textile designer

Tatiana Malvasio

Head of Operations

@ Kilimo

Agostina Martino


Isis del Mar Morillas

Licenciada en Diseño de Indumentaria y Textil

Agustín José Olivo

Professor / Agricultural engineering

Manuel Ortega Villafañe

Executive Director

@ Banco de Alimentos Foundation

Joaquin Paez rivero

CEO and Cofunder

Agustina Patiño


Leandro Javier Pisaroni Gerbaldo


Celia Julieta Reta Cardinali

Scenics Arts producer

Fabian Eduardo Saieg

Licenciado en Administracion

Shams Selouma


Carolina Tamagnini

Projects Coordinator

Jairo Trad

Chief Executive Officer

@ Kilimo

Francisco José Ulla


Francisco Zanichelli

Director, Environment, Agencia Córdoba Joven

@ Government of the Province of Cordoba

Candelaria Busca Sust


Santiago Calvimonte


Milagros Carbonel

Regional Team Supervisor

Luis Ariel Cifuentes

Press area

María Agustina Ibañez


Ignacio Toranzo

Specialist at Social Responsability and Sustainability

Ezequiel Villalva


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