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The Corriente's Hub, in Argentina, is made up of talented young people from areas as diverse as politics, non-governmental organizations and the private sector. We are currently 19 active members of the Hub, and we are all committed to strengthening the team to do great things for Corrientes. The themes we work on focus on entrepreneurs, the promotion of good social practices and the collective thinking of the city in which we dream to live. To come from such different places is what makes our Hub have such a diverse and rich look on how to improve living conditions in Corrientes!

22 members


Geronimo Fisch

Joined 13 Mar 2015


Lorena Itatí Bustos

Joined 21 Jul 2017

Impact Officer

Javier Meister

Joined 22 Sep 2016

Martin Cesar Blanc

Joined 20 Dec 2018

Federico Hernan Fankhauser

Joined 21 Jul 2017

Elina Milagros Fernández Avancini

Joined 24 Feb 2017

Ignacio Maldonado Yonna

Joined 22 Sep 2016

Nicolas Montanaro

Joined 21 Jul 2017

Carla Nebreda Garcia

Joined 21 Jul 2017

Federico Luis Alberto Perez

Joined 22 Sep 2016

Marcelo Agustín Pucciariello

Joined 4 Jul 2016

Horacio Soto

Joined 26 Dec 2018

Sandra Alicia Toribio

Joined 21 Jul 2017

Daniela Yanez

Joined 20 Oct 2017

Manuel Gómez Sierra

Joined 1 Nov 2017

César Luciano Gelmi

Joined 18 Aug 2017

Carolina Lisanti Fernandez

Joined 20 Mar 2015

Mercedes Mestres

Joined 30 Mar 2015

Gaston Adrian Ozimek

Joined 21 Dec 2018

Juan Pedro Picasso

Joined 22 Sep 2016

Federico Rios

Joined 20 Oct 2017

Founding Curator

Maria Guadalupe Kotik Saravia

Joined 15 Dec 2014

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