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Culiacan Hub

Culiacan Hub is integrated by great young social entrepreneurs who are willing to participate actively for a positive change in our community, having fun doing what we like.  

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14 members


Sarai Inzunza

Bachelor's degree candidate, Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa

Claudia Arreola


Rocio Godoy

Junior Buyer

@ Coppel

David Moroni Aleman Hidalgo


Daniela Campos Avendaño

Master's degree

Jesus Alfonso Iribe Flores

Environmental Engineering Student

Maria Alexsandra López Carrillo


Krissel Karely Monzón Sánchez

Business incubator coordinator

Andrea Moraga


Daniel Ramirez

Process Consultant

Ana Valenzuela

Auxiliar de proyecto

Valeria Valenzuela Lafarga

Student 2nd grade

Founding Curator

Ana Lomas

Logistics Purchasing Manager

@ Capasa

Founding Curator

Priscila Zazueta

Managing Partner

@ Institucion Educativa Horizonte

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