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Dalat Hub

Dalat Hub is a group of highly passionate young people committed to improving the state of Dalat and Highland Central of Vietnam. Dalat Hub’s pool of shapers reflects the diversity of local talents & the characteristics of this region.

Dalat Hub applies an “idea” meritocracy in which insightful work and meaningful relationships are pursued through radical truth and strong transparency. It requires shapers to be open, air disagreements, test each other’s logic, and view discovering mistakes as a good thing that leads to improvement and innovation. Dalat Hub also enables youth to be a voice for the future in local, regional, and global thought processes and a catalyst of entrepreneurship in the international public interest.

24 members

Giang Ayun

Joined 1 May 2021

Thi Thuy Linh Bui

Joined 14 Feb 2022

Nguyễn Vĩnh Công

Joined 15 Feb 2022


Thi Thanh Xuan Do

Joined 27 Dec 2019

Tieu Nguyen Duc Anh

Joined 6 Feb 2023

Đào Mai

Joined 14 Feb 2022

Do Tra Ngoc My

Joined 15 Feb 2022

Quynh Mai Ngo Luong

Joined 27 May 2022

Thuy Duong Nguyen

Joined 26 Jul 2022

Lien Nguyen

Joined 1 May 2021

Yen Nguyen

Joined 14 Feb 2022

Giang Nguyen

Joined 19 Jun 2019

Bao Nguyen

Joined 10 Apr 2020

Ngu Giao Nguyen

Joined 19 Nov 2019

Ngoc Nguyen Bich

Joined 26 Jul 2022


Khang Nguyen Dac An

Joined 14 Jan 2021

Giahan Nguyengoc

Joined 21 Jun 2021

Founding Curator

Nguyen Ha Quan

Joined 20 May 2019

Huy Nguyen Quang

Joined 26 Jul 2022

Linh Nong

Joined 18 Jun 2019

Rosy Phan

Joined 26 Jul 2022

Nguyen Quang Tra

Joined 26 Jul 2022

Phung Nghi Tran

Joined 14 Feb 2022

Be Trinh

Joined 26 Jul 2022

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