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Adriana De Urquidi

Operations Director, Events, Community Integration

@ Careergistics

Adenike Atanda-Oshikoya

Assistant Professor

Kayla Loretta Barnes

Sr. Enterprise Development Specialist

Richard Carrizales

Economic Development Analyst

@ City of Dallas

Will Clayton

Project Leader

@ Boston Consulting Group

Angel Garza

Business Development Analyst

@ Grupo Alfa

Paola Gean

Marketing Director

@ Dialexa

Jonathan Hartley

Economics Contributor

nicki holcombe

Managing Partner

William H Marks


Karthik Patil

Product Manager

Benjamin Vann

Founder & CEO

Bruce Ferguson-Augustus

Analytics Manager

Maria Faye Francisco

Sales Development Representative

Dustin Joost

Head of Sales and Marketing

Brendan Mead

Global Shapers member

Zak Shelton

Co-Founder and CEO

Ximena Isabel Vivanco

Founder / Director

Founding Curator

Kevin Lavelle

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

@ Mizzen+Main

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