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Dallas Hub

Dallas has a very diverse hub of young people committed to improving the city. We are currently working on projects around the umbrealla subject "Shaping The Future of Work" with the goal to create awareness, bring together stakeholders, and prepare our community for the changes the Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing forth. We serve as a platform for the different players in the city to interact, share ideas and collaborate in the fields related to the Future of Work.

21 members


Kayla Loretta Barnes

Olusola Amusan

Adenike Atanda-Oshikoya

Richard Carrizales

Will Clayton

Maria Faye Francisco

Angel Garza

Jonathan Hartley

nicki holcombe

William H Marks

Amy Miller

Karthik Patil

Neel Raval

Benjamin Vann

David Edelmann

Bruce Ferguson-Augustus

Micaela Hoffman

Dustin Joost

Brendan Mead

Zak Shelton

Ximena Isabel Vivanco

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