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Dar es Salaam Hub

We are a vibrant community of young leaders who are passionate about using our skills and interests to better the lives of people in our city, Dar es Salaam. We believe that we can create positive change in our community by sharing and implementing our ideas on education, leadership, entrepreneurship, culture and technology for the Dar es Salaam youths. Our hub is implementing projects that are exciting and relevant to the youths in our city!

We welcome the Global Shaper Community to experience our city and contribute towards making it better!

Ready to become a Shaper? 

All selection takes place at the local level and each hub runs its own selection process. If you fit the following criteria, apply to join the hub in your city. If your city isn't listed, check back regularly because we're growing everyday. Successful applicants are:

  1. between 20-29 years old

  2. residents of or live close to the hub city

  3. committed to working with peers to improve their community

  4. interested in developing their leadership potential

  5. willing to support fellow Shapers in their personal and professional development

  6. ready to engage in the community and follow our Community Charter


23 members


Khalila Mbowe

Joined 17 Aug 2017

Valerie Amani

Joined 22 Jan 2020

Vanessa Anyoti

Joined 15 Sep 2014

Tulanana Bohela

Joined 31 May 2018

Fortunatus Ekklesiah

Joined 25 Jul 2018

Barbara Gonzalez

Joined 8 Jul 2019

Doreen Kessy

Joined 22 Feb 2017

Anita Kundy

Joined 15 May 2020

Lillian Secelela Madeje

Joined 18 Feb 2014

Jerry Mang’ena

Joined 13 May 2020


Joined 4 Jun 2020

Kennedy Mmari

Joined 18 Dec 2019

Simon Mtabazi

Joined 25 Jul 2018

Barbra Abdul Mtemvu

Joined 25 Jul 2018

Deus Rweyemamu

Joined 28 Feb 2014

Amani Shayo

Joined 14 May 2020

Ian Tarimo

Joined 29 Aug 2016

Avidace Theophil

Joined 18 Dec 2019

Jesca Kimosso

Joined 22 May 2020

Shayo MariaDorin

Joined 6 Feb 2020

Gloria Masangia

Joined 29 Aug 2016

Neema Meremo

Joined 21 May 2020

Founding Curator

Catherinerose Barretto

Joined 7 Nov 2011

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