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Dar es Salaam Hub

We are a vibrant community of young leaders who are passionate about using our skills and interests to better the lives of people in our city, Dar es Salaam. We believe that we can create positive change in our community by sharing and implementing our ideas on education, leadership, entrepreneurship, culture and technology for the Dar es Salaam youths. Our hub is implementing projects that are exciting and relevant to the youths in our city!

We welcome the Global Shaper Community to experience our city and contribute towards making it better!

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18 members


Doreen Kessy

Chief Operations Officer

@ Ubongo

Vanessa Anyoti

Deputy Executive Director

@ YWCA Tanzania

Tulanana Bohela

Senior Digital Journalist; Producer

@ BBC World Service

Lwidiko Edward Mhamilawa

Co-founder and director

Fortunatus Ekklesiah

Educator, Life & Business Strategist

Lillian Secelela Madeje

Co-Founder and Managing Director

@ Ekihya Consulting

Constantine Manda

PhD Candidate

Simon Mtabazi

Social Innovation Fellow

Barbra Abdul Mtemvu

Associate-Audit department

Mike Mushi


Mariam Ndabagenga

Event Coordinator

Deus Rweyemamu

Founder & Director

Nancy Sumari

Executive Director

@ The Neghesti Sumari Foundation

Gloria Masangia


Khalila Sandrah Mbowe

Founder and CEO

Ian Tarimo

Executive Director

Farhan Aslam Yusuf

Governance Specialist

Founding Curator

Catherinerose Barretto


@ Pamoja Initiatives Ltd

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