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Des Moines is a rapidly growing city in the heart of the Midwest, out pacing Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and other nearby cities in population growth. Des Moines has consistently lead the nation in rankings as one of the best cities to live in, best cities for business, most popular city for millennial home buyers, and more.

Des Moines not only captures the country’s attention with its first-in-the-nation caucus, it also boasts a thriving international community, hosting a foreign consulate; the World Food Prize; and renowned art, food, and music festivals. The vibrant community of Des Moines makes it a perfect home for our active hub of Global Shapers.

The Des Moines Hub brings together young leaders from across the metro to work through some of the region’s most pressing issues, including the urban-rural divide, social justice, and climate change. We partner with community partners to make a local impact on these global issues and connect our little piece of flyover country to cities across the world.

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