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Detroit Hub

The Global Shapers of the Detroit Hub work as a unified team towards greater inclusivity in the city of Detroit by thoughtfully designing and partnering on sustainable projects affecting the city. The Detroit Hub celebrates the diversity of our local and global community and the opportunity to cultivate and share stories of local community empowerment on a global scale.

22 members


Kyla Solveig Carlsen

Jasmin Barnett

Eric Couillard

Ani Grigorian

Daniel Miller

Abhijit Nikhade

Stathis Pauls

Karena Schroeder

Lance Ying

Arianna Zannetti

Bobby Boone

Kilyn Bulluck

Myka Burley

Russell Harris

Kelsi Horn

Claire Huttenlocher

Hafsa Khan

Alexandra Novak

Stathis Abelakiotis Pauls

Gedi Tang

Nelius Wanjohi

Kamila Zaidieh

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