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The Global Shapers of the Detroit Hub work as a unified team towards greater inclusivity in the city of Detroit by thoughtfully designing and partnering on sustainable projects affecting the city. The Detroit Hub celebrates the diversity of our local and global community and the opportunity to cultivate and share stories of local community empowerment on a global scale.

25 members


Eric Couillard

Leadership Coach

@ Eric Couillard Coaching

Katherine Wesley Byerly

Health Fellow

Kyla Solveig Carlsen

Senior Manager, Small Business Finance and Operations

@ Detroit Economic Growth Corporation

Sonali Devarajan

Community Education Coordinator

@ Keep Growing Detroit

Michelle Iqbal

Master of Public Health Candidate

Tarun Kajeepeta

Project Leader

Stephanie Kenner

Coordinator, Data and Logistics

@ Crossing Water

Yazmin Nava

MBA Candidate

Abhijit Nikhade

Industry 4.0 - Industrial IoT - Data Engineer - Supply Chain Digita...

Karena Schroeder

Maven Strategy and Development (Mobility + Sharing)

Misha Lianne James Stallworth

Director of Arts & Culture

Danielle Cotton

Interior Designer

Joshua Etim

Marketing Strategist

@ CDC Farm and Fishery

Russell Harris

Chief Dream Director

Bryan Lewis

Program Director - Youth Energy Squad



Stathis Pauls


Stathis Abelakiotis Pauls


Liang Qian

AVP, Liquidity Risk Analyst

Devan Rostorfer

Environmental Planner

Lisa Seymour

Program Mangager

Gedi Tang


Ivy Wei


Sue Yang


@ Macqaurie Infrastructure & Real Assets (India) Private Limited

Founding Curator

Dekonti Mends-Cole

Strong Cities, Strong Communities Fellow

@ City of Detroit

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