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Dharamshala is a culturally diverse town, with a mix of Indian, Tibetan and international cultures. The local community is full of people with rich experiences from all walks of life. Travellers, entrepreneurs, researchers, explorers, designers, doctors, philosophers, teachers, artists, social workers, global thinkers, etc. you'll find them all in this town. With the large portion of the working class employed in the education sector, the community will serve as an ideal audience to ideas that inspire individuals. The local community also hosts students from various professional fields like design, engineering, medical and business from across the country, due to the presence of prominent colleges and universities in and around the region creating an atmosphere of growth and freedom.

23 members


Tarunvir Wasan

Eye Care Practitioner and Optician

@ Tanu Opticals

Pratham Jain

Project Officer

Anil Kumar

Software Engineer

Raghav Manocha

Founder Proprietor

@ Himalyan Home Saaz

Nivedita Rana

Customer Relationship Executive

@ VS Systems

Srijan Sharma

Co-Founder 365 Degrees

Ketan vashisht


Umesh Badhawan

Project manager

Kartikeya Bhardwaj

Managing Director

Kritika Bhardwaj


Vivek Dixit


Balram Garg

Scouting team

Rijul Gill

Mountaineer / Trekker

Shubha Jha

Managing Director

Abhay Karki


Ankit Kumar


Jigyasa Labroo


Arjun Lalhall


unmesh mehra

independent field volunteer

Ishan Sharma

Member, Technical Staff

Ankita Singh

Freelance Visual Designer

Aditya Thakur


Founding Curator

Varun Singh

Founder and Director

@ Development Logics

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