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The Douala Hub is comprised of remarkable,smart ,highly skilled leaders from different regions of Cameroon.We are committed to improving the state of our community and self organised for impact,with view to contributing to the Head of State's vision of an emerging Cameroon come 2035.With a multiplicity of qualifications in areas such as foreign policy,politics,law,technology,agriculture,education,health care,and social development,we have set in motion several projects of general public interests;amongst which is an entrepreneurship development support project called "Big data for Startups - from theory to practice ";which is designed to help young entrepreneurs realize their goals and support future successes of the Nation.As a hub,we are always on hand to assist affected communities in the face of human or natural disasters.Our community impact extends to the underprivileged,such as orphanages,with view to alleviating poverty and educating the youth on socially impactive issues.

6 members


Vokeng Adonis

Joined 12 May 2022


Anne Onnella Bissala Lolo

Joined 19 Feb 2020

Fomo mabou Nevil

Joined 5 Jan 2023

Simon Berthold Ngouffo Dzousse

Joined 27 Sep 2018

Bobga Miyilla Sandra Gondang

Joined 28 Mar 2021

Joel Joseph Tabetsing Feupossi

Joined 2 Sep 2020

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