Dublin Hub

The Dublin hub is a community of young ambitious individuals advocating for the needs of others on a large scale by challenging and changing the discourse in Ireland on issues close to their communities. Dublin Shapers come from different countries and backgrounds and include transfer shapers from various hubs. The hub is currently working on projects in the areas of climate change, gender equality and education and is committed to improving the beautiful and diverse city of Dublin.

* Applications to join the Dublin hub open every spring, please follow us on social media for updates about recruitment.

Twitter: @DublinShapers

Facebook: @GlobalShapersDublin



27 members

Clement Agoni

Joined 12 Oct 2017

Joel Oseiga Aleburu

Joined 19 Jul 2018

Impact Officer

Meg Brennan

Joined 24 Sep 2022

Liam Cowley

Joined 31 Jul 2020

Pierce Dargan

Joined 25 Jun 2020

Nour El Assaad

Joined 18 Feb 2016

Jamie Elliott

Joined 19 Aug 2019

Olaitan Fawole

Joined 25 Jun 2020

Alejandra Garza Viejo

Joined 18 Aug 2019

Carlos Granados

Joined 19 Aug 2019

Soumya Joseph

Joined 8 Aug 2021

Anjukan Kathirgamanathan

Joined 24 Jun 2020

Emma Kavanagh

Joined 19 Apr 2018

Janice Lau

Joined 18 Sep 2022

Eduardo Martinez Gamardo

Joined 25 Jun 2020

Daniel Paul Nath

Joined 28 Jun 2021

Victor Okeleke

Joined 18 Sep 2022


Ross O'Leary

Joined 27 Jun 2020

Dinnaga Padmaperuma

Joined 11 Sep 2021

Luciano Antonio Priolo

Joined 13 Sep 2021

Lucy Ray

Joined 10 Jul 2021

Margarida Romeiro

Joined 26 Feb 2023


Maximiliane Ruhl

Joined 18 Sep 2022

Amulya Ganti Sanagavaram

Joined 26 Oct 2021

Arsh Singh

Joined 4 May 2020

Zaur Unsizadeh

Joined 10 Feb 2019

Stephanie Zavala

Joined 28 Oct 2016

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