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East Jerusalem Hub

The East Jerusalem is comprised of a network of budding and established young changemakers with varying experiences and lived experiences, unified by a common desire to contribute to social and economic advancements at all levels of society in East Jerusalem. It is the hope of the Global Shapers Community that one day all Hubs will use the unique network of like minded changemakers in an effort to promote long lasting universal and regional peace availing dignity and access to opportunity for all.

24 members


Dana Alami

Joined 19 Mar 2019


Saleem Malki

Joined 13 Nov 2019

Impact Officer

Adnan Jaber

Joined 31 Mar 2019

Amani Abu Tair

Joined 19 Jun 2019

Zaina Barghouti

Joined 24 Nov 2019

Noor Dirini

Joined 29 Sep 2019

imam hithnawi

Joined 27 Aug 2019

Rozana Jaber

Joined 9 Nov 2019

Mohammad Kabajah

Joined 10 Jun 2019

Majdoulene Kerish

Joined 8 Dec 2019

zeina khatib

Joined 28 Feb 2020

Tamara Kleibo

Joined 26 Aug 2019

Pinar Kulgasi

Joined 30 Sep 2019

Lana Kulghasi

Joined 1 Oct 2019

Rima Naser Eddin

Joined 10 Dec 2019

Kathem Nasser eldin

Joined 30 Aug 2019

Suma Qawasmi

Joined 13 Mar 2019

Shatha Rifai

Joined 13 Nov 2019

Ninaru Shtayyeh

Joined 28 Aug 2019

Rani Tamini

Joined 10 Jun 2019

William Theodorie

Joined 11 Jul 2019

George Zeidan

Joined 13 Nov 2019

Wassim Alami

Joined 12 Nov 2019

Founding Curator

Rateb Rabi

Joined 9 May 2017

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