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Edinburgh Hub

The Edinburgh Hub aims to create an environment in which young people are inspired to take action in order to make Scotland a better place. We aspire to be a beacon of hope and seek to empower others in our society to take pragmatic steps in order to affect the change they wish to see. We strive to create Scotland’s next generation of thought leaders by creating a space where we can have robust discussions on social challenges and instill an action based approach towards solving these challenges. We are a group of highly motivated young people who seek to advance the interests of the youth among the leaders of our society. We are socially driven and our efforts and success are inextricably linked with the communities in which we operate.

9 members


Bronagh Finnegan

Manager, Public Affairs and Communications

@ Warmworks Scotland

Marie-Claire Burt

Project Coordinator

Nicholas Guy


@ ES Noble & Company

Peter MacPhail

Managing Director

Jimmy Paul

Permanence Consultant

Ulrike Radunz

Senior Associate

Julian Vercruysse

Civil Engineer

Shiam Al Harthy


Ugur Can Hekim

LL.M (Master of Laws)

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