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Edinburgh Hub

The Edinburgh Hub is a pioneering community of young leaders that connects potential and generates practical solutions to maximise social impact


Our mission is threefold:

We will sustain a welcoming, authentic, empowering community that attracts diverse and committed members who exemplify our values

We will facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations and encourage activism

We will act locally and think globally; learning about and sharing best practice


In the Edinburgh Hub: 

We are collaborative. We create common goals and communicate effectively to achieve them as a team

We are curious. We innovate, investigate and are hungry to learn. We think outside the box, creating innovative solutions to key problems. We help each other develop

We are committed. We focus on our objectives, using our individual skills to work towards achieving our collective vision

We generate impact. We take practical actions towards solving society's most pressing problems, using evidence to ensure we make a meaningful difference in our community and beyond

We have integrity. We stay true to our personal values whilst we engage with our Hub, city and Global Shaper communities. We are honest; unwaveringly adhering to the highest moral principles

21 members


Florian Niederseer

Joined 27 Jun 2020


Peter MacPhail

Joined 22 Mar 2018

Hammed Kayode Alabi

Joined 28 Jun 2021

Laurent Bélanger-Lowe

Joined 21 Nov 2019

Michael Bryan

Joined 30 Jun 2021

George Burton

Joined 23 Sep 2019

Jessica Donaldson

Joined 24 Sep 2019

Beth Guest

Joined 22 Jan 2021

Nicholas Guy

Joined 8 Jun 2015

Porai Gwendere

Joined 22 Jan 2021

Hadi Khan

Joined 5 Jul 2019

Ann-Kathrin Müller

Joined 17 Nov 2019

Lauryn Mwale

Joined 20 Jan 2021

Sandhya Narayanan

Joined 10 Dec 2020

Jack Nevin

Joined 13 Jan 2021

Leonard Niesel

Joined 21 Nov 2018

Annietha Raj

Joined 11 Jan 2021

Nishad Sanzagiri

Joined 8 Jun 2020

Thomas Schönberger

Joined 16 Nov 2019

Sadikchya Singh

Joined 19 Aug 2020

Lisa Zengeni

Joined 11 Jan 2021

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