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Global Shapers Edmonton is a youth-led group of professionals, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, parents, students, and Edmontonians united by our common desire to build a more peaceful and inclusive world, with a focus on the unique challenges that our northern metropolis faces in areas related to inclusion, skills, health, aid, the planet, and engagement. We collaborate with other Edmonton-based non-profit organizations to magnify the work they do, team up with other Global Shapers hubs across Canada through co-developing projects, and connect with hubs around the world to gain an international context for our work.

19 members

Ibrahim Abdille

Joined 9 Feb 2023

Kayla Bruce

Joined 15 Apr 2021

Dolly Cepeda Montufar

Joined 14 May 2021

Paul Cleofas

Joined 16 Feb 2023

Trent Daley

Joined 6 Dec 2019

Ian Dalsin

Joined 5 Mar 2018

Emily Fleming

Joined 18 May 2021

Behram Gill

Joined 21 Nov 2019

Pratiksha Gurung

Joined 15 Apr 2021

Christopher Klune

Joined 14 May 2021

Steven Knight

Joined 23 Apr 2015

Steven Lin

Joined 14 Jan 2021

Tyler Ludwig

Joined 17 May 2018


Nicholas Menon

Joined 10 Sep 2019


Alex Nemeth

Joined 10 Jan 2020

Ayodeji Okunlola

Joined 13 Sep 2019

Aliya Rota

Joined 9 Mar 2022

Dominic Schamuhn

Joined 9 Nov 2017

Marium Sheikh

Joined 2 Mar 2023

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