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Global Shapers Edmonton is a youth-led group of professionals, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, parents, students, and Edmontonians united by our common desire to build a more peaceful and inclusive world, with a focus on the unique challenges that our northern metropolis faces in areas related to inclusion, skills, health, aid, the planet, and engagement. We collaborate with other Edmonton-based non-profit organizations to magnify the work they do, team up with other Global Shapers hubs across Canada through co-developing projects, and connect with hubs around the world to gain an international context for our work.

17 members

Ibrahim Abdille

Joined 9 Feb 2023

Mabel Adesopo

Joined 8 Aug 2023

Ginika Bisong

Joined 3 Jul 2023

Christobelle Boily

Joined 10 Nov 2023

Paul Cleofas

Joined 16 Feb 2023

Pratiksha Gurung

Joined 15 Apr 2021

Christine He

Joined 15 Jan 2024

Eemaan Khan

Joined 8 Sep 2019


Steven Lin

Joined 14 Jan 2021

Impact Officer

Nicholas Menon

Joined 10 Sep 2019

Hector Montano Alba

Joined 21 Nov 2019


Aliya Rota

Joined 9 Mar 2022

Zsaridel Sagun

Joined 9 Nov 2023

Marium Sheikh

Joined 2 Mar 2023

Serena Tejpar

Joined 3 Feb 2024

Rasine Ukene

Joined 18 May 2023

Melissa Wilk

Joined 14 Nov 2023

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