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El Jadida Hub

We believe in a world where young people are central to solution-building, policy-making and lasting change. In each city, teams of Global Shapers self-organise to create initiatives that address local, regional and global challenges. One of our newest hubs, the El-Jadida Hub in Morocco was opened in June 2018.

The hub is made of young leaders living in El Jadida and working in various industries such as: Management Consulting, Agriculture, Media, Technology, etc. with a strong ambition to contribute to the youth inclusiveness agenda. In its first 2 years, the hub worked on initiatives in Education, Healthcare and Youth Empowerment and will continue to enlarge its scope of activities as it onboards new members.

10 members


Taha Aboubakr

Joined 29 Mar 2020

Ibtissam Daif

Joined 2 Mar 2021

Zahra Eliassa

Joined 21 Nov 2019

Impact Officer

ayoub habik

Joined 29 Mar 2020


Joined 29 Mar 2020


Joined 3 Dec 2020


Zineb Khanjari

Joined 2 Dec 2020

Rami Laamim

Joined 29 Mar 2020


Joined 21 Jul 2017

Founding Curator

Mehdi Nassih

Joined 30 Jul 2013

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