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The Ensenada Hub is a dynamic and diverse group of young people looking to drive dialogue, action and change in Ensenada, through collaborative projects shaped by the needs of our communities. Some of us are lifelong residents of Ensenada, others Ensenadenses at heart or recent arrivals, with diverse expertise and backgrounds in areas such as oceanology, business, education, economics, public policy, social work, legislation, international development, among others.

We care deeply about having a sustainable positive impact in Ensenada and the Baja California region. As well as, we believe on education and research-informed decision making as transformative tools towards climate and social justice, and better public policies for all in Ensenada.

Fun facts: Ensenada is distinguished by its gastronomic, oenological, fishing and scientific communities. Regarding the latter, Ensenada holds the highest index of scientists per capita in Mexico with 12.2 researchers per 1,000 inhabitants, while the national average is 0.88 researchers per 1,000 inhabitants.

To find more about our recruitment criteria, timelines and general information email us at or follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

Curaduría 2022-23

Ensenada Hub

22 members

Zaira Alonzo Sifuentes

Joined 23 Feb 2022

Rodrigo Armada Tapia

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Paulina Carlon

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Octavio Rico Amezcua

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Ana Carolina Vazquez Badillo

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