Enugu Hub

Welcome to the vibrant and dynamic Enugu Hub of the Global Shapers Community! We are a collective of visionary young leaders on a mission to ignite positive transformation within our local community and beyond.

With passion coursing through our veins, we embrace diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration as catalysts for change. Together, we create a space where ideas flourish, dreams are nurtured, and impactful initiatives take flight.


Harnessing the power of innovation and the strength of our collective wisdom, we strive to tackle pressing challenges and drive sustainable solutions in areas such as education, entrepreneurship, social justice, and environmental sustainability. Our actions reverberate far and wide, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

19 members

Abundance Amamchukwu

Joined 1 Feb 2023

Samuel Chukwu

Joined 9 May 2022

Samuel Chukwuemeka Eze

Joined 24 Sep 2022


Chinedu David

Joined 4 Jan 2023

Founding Curator

Samuel Edet

Joined 28 Apr 2022

Deborah Egwuonwu

Joined 1 Feb 2023

Goodness Esom

Joined 1 Feb 2023

Merit Ezeh

Joined 31 Jan 2023


Esther Ibeye

Joined 10 May 2022

Emmanuel Nwankwo

Joined 1 Feb 2023

Amarachi Ofodile

Joined 30 Sep 2022

Blossom Ohaeri

Joined 25 Sep 2022

Daniel Okereke

Joined 17 Oct 2022

Impact Officer

Chimdiebube Orji

Joined 14 Mar 2023

Chiwuike Owunwa

Joined 1 Feb 2023

Dorcas Rotimi

Joined 3 Feb 2023

Emmanuel Simon

Joined 6 Feb 2023

David Victor

Joined 11 Jul 2023

Edidiong William

Joined 2 Feb 2023

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