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Erbil Hub

The Erbil Hub is made up of young volunteered and talented Kurdish people, who are able to design and make a better future for our community. This Hub has got benefit from the diversity of Shapers' background including Law, Public affairs, Information Technology, Environment, Art, Health and Medicine. In addition, we have been able to make a launch of relations with Academic Institutions Including Middle East Research Institute (MERI) and with the Government such as Department of Foreign Relations. We Initiated in introducing a Panel regarding the importance of coexistence, tolerance, collaborating entrepreneurship program, developing new policy on cleaning environment, helping refugee and Internal Displaced People.

25 members


Zinah Akram Mohammed


@ Let's be Friends Project

Saadulla AHMED


Lawk Alghafuri

Livelihood Project Officer

@ Reach

Meer Ali

Economic Resilience Trainee

Hazhir Azeez


@ Youth Vision Organization

Biza Barzo

Political Adviser

@ Kurdistan Regional Government

Baxtiyar Goran

Communications Coordinator

Dastan Hamakareem

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Coordinator / ...

Iman Ibrahim


@ Creativity Beyond Curriculum

Mustafa I. Kareem

Medical student

Bahra Hundreen M Ali

Genetic Technician and assiatant lab manager at Balsam Hospital

Rebaz Piro

Relief Officer

Sana Salam

Project Manager

Bnar S. Shekho

Medical Student

Kovan Sherwany

Assistant Lecturer and Legal Consultant

Ayub Zangana

Enterprise Development Officer

Fatima Abdulkhaliq


Rahshan Abdulqadr Shareef

Student / Teacher

Mohammed Faisal

İnformation Management Officer

Bzhar Husain

Local Public Officer

Mahnaz Lashkri

Government Employee

Ilaf Othman


Ramyar Othman


Avan Soufy

Social Entrepreneur

Founding Curator

Ari Mamshae

Assistant, Press, Research and Communications

@ Office of the President of Kurdistan Region

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