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Erbil Hub is made up of young volunteered and talented people from diverse backgrounds, who are able to design and make a better future for our community. This Hub has got benefit from the diversity of Shapers' background including Law, Public Affairs, Information Technology, Environment, Health and Medicine. Our hub has a long history in supporting various causes such as cancer patients through creating the first psychosocial support centre in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, starting the first recycling project in universities, supporting underprivileged people in need of medical assistance, creating educational schemes for youth, and opening new dialogue topics such as mental health.

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contact us at: erbilhub.gsc@gmail.com

25 members


Fatima Abdulkhaliq

Joined 23 Mar 2019


Ilaf Othman

Joined 12 Jan 2019

Impact Officer

Mahnaz Lashkri

Joined 25 Dec 2018

Israa Abdullah

Joined 28 Jan 2021

Rahshan Abdulqadr Shareef

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Nali Ahmed

Joined 7 Sep 2019

Saadulla AHMED

Joined 25 Apr 2017

Lawk Alghafuri

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Hazhir Azeez

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Biza Barzo

Joined 15 Jan 2015

Baxtiyar Goran

Joined 25 Apr 2017

Mohammed Hallaj

Joined 28 Jan 2021

Bzhar Husain

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Iman Ibrahim

Joined 7 Dec 2015

Enje Jawher

Joined 28 Jan 2021

Bahra Hundreen M Ali

Joined 27 Mar 2017

Zinah Mohammed

Joined 18 Feb 2016

Ahmed Omer

Joined 24 Jun 2022

Rasty Saeed

Joined 12 Dec 2019

Sana Salam

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Bnar S. Shekho

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Rezhna Yahya

Joined 29 Jan 2021

Rawen Akram

Joined 24 Jun 2022

Tnok Rahim

Joined 29 May 2022

Founding Curator

Ari Mamshae

Joined 12 May 2014

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