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Faisalabad Hub

Second largest city of Punjab, core of textile business and one with the most historical locations, Faisalabad has so much to offer to its youth. Recently developed hub invites young people with extraordinary potential to join us as shapers and work on sustainable development goals (SDGs), particularly on issue of poverty alleviation (SDG 1) and creating economic opportunities (SDG 8) in the city for the future of Pakistan. Our aim is to up bring the natural gifts of resources available with in the area and to lead a path of encouraging innovation and idea generation. This initiative is to inspire youth to endorse their culture, traditions and specialties lying within our land and to become helping hand for themselves.    

10 members


Muhammad Haider Amin

Joined 15 Jun 2020


Khurram Younis

Joined 28 Aug 2019

Impact Officer

Awais Arfan

Joined 22 Aug 2019

Minahil Abid

Joined 21 Apr 2020

Mehreen Arshad

Joined 20 Jun 2020

hassan ashraf

Joined 24 Apr 2020

Sdahat Nisar

Joined 23 Jan 2020

Muhammad Hamza Qadri

Joined 24 Apr 2020

Muhammad Haseeb Riaz

Joined 25 Apr 2020

Founding Curator

Muhammad Abubakar

Joined 2 Jul 2020

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