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Fargo Hub

The Fargo hub is a diverse collection of young leaders, mobilizing people and ideas to create lasting, positive change in our community through inclusion and collaboration.

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14 members


Carissa Botton

Customer Success Manager

@ Microsoft Corp.

Haroon Al Hayder


Alexandre Cyusa

Community Liaison


Adam Domitz

Foster Care Case Aide and Transition Specialist

Mohsen Tahmasebi Nasab

Volunteer Photographer @TheWorldinFM

Katie Worral

Communication Coordinator

@ Emerging Prairie

Holly Hoeschen

Admissions Representative

Sara Maria Hannele Juntunen

Graduate student, Teaching Assistant

Tristan Larson

Client Relations Associate

Kalley Norr

Graduate Assistant

Jonix Owino

Research Assistant

Sky Purdin

Grant Writer

Marie Schaller

Scholarship and Registration Specialist

Rachael Ann Schauer

Education and Employment Coordinator

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