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The Fez Hub is made up of outstanding young Moroccans coming together with a specific vision of shaping our community and making Fez one of the most recognizable cities in Morocco. Together, we aim to work on social projects touching different areas and spheres going from education, communication to Tourism. Fez was founded more than a thousand year ago and it's the city of culture and education. We embrace Fez Hub with the same values of our community and we will design some programs that improve the state of our city.

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Joined 21 Mar 2022


Othman Sqalli Houssaini

Joined 14 May 2022

Ranya Essouri

Joined 5 Apr 2021

Mohammed Kacimi-Alaoui

Joined 19 Apr 2021

Khnata El Kadiri

Joined 6 Apr 2021


Joined 5 Apr 2021

Zakia Sefrioui

Joined 5 Apr 2021

Founding Curator

Hind Salih

Joined 19 Oct 2020

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