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Florianopolis Hub

The Florianópolis Hub is made up of talented young people united by a common desire to build a better community. Our efforts are driven to making the city smarter and more humane through impactful projects. We benefit from the diversity of our study fields which include engineering, entrepreneurship, management, communication, law and international affairs. Projects have included debates around politics and mobility, labor opportunities for immigrants, and raising consciousness on environmental issues.

30 members


Helena Zanette

Vinícius Aguiar

Caio Henrique Alberconi

Thales Dantas

Amanda Da Silveira Neves

Aline Fischmann

Thayse Furtado


Milena Lumini

Thatiane Martins

Fernanda Medeiros

Thayran Melo

Felipe Oss-Emer Aldeman de Oliveira

Eduardo R. Maneira

Jean Roversi

Camila Segovia

Joana Wosgrau Camara

Flora Wurth Simon

Raisa Zarin Gonçalves

Debora Anselmo

Fabiano Bernardes

Fabíola Borba

Bruno Magnus

Marco André Martins Piacentini

Renata Miguez

Uziel Santana

Otávio Sendtko Ferreira

Raquel Soares

Bruna Sposito

Founding Curator

Diego Calegari

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