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Frankfurt Hub

The Frankfurt Hub is a vibrant community of individuals committed to take action. Action that fosters innovation, collaboration and smart solutions for current and future challenges of our society.

With our format, the NEXT B2B FORUM, and our strong network, we bring key stakeholder at one table to foster innovation in various industries like finance, mobility, media, healthcare and HR through. 

Our social project SHAPING PATHWAYS helps underrepresented groups in business (refugees, people with disabilities, women in leadership, LGBT and people from disadvantaged backgrounds) gaining self-confidence and support to succeed in the world of work. 

In all what we do, we put our core values, HELP, TRUST and RESPECT at the center of our actions. In addition, we believe in the power of a strong network and empowerment of others. Therefore, we work closely together with other hubs in Germany and beyond to increase our impact. Local action, global impact.

27 members


Patrizia Baffioni

Project Manager

@ Roots of Impact

Silvia Anna Ainio

Policy Officer

Cora Ansorg

Vice President, Disruptive Technologies and Solutions

@ Deutsche Bank AG

Leyla Azizova


Anne-Isabelle Bidegaray

Business Manager

Jan René Fricke

Founder & President

Nura Sara Froemel


Tarek Abdel Al Mohamed Hassan

Advisor for Innovation Management

Christian W. Jakob

Managing Partner

Nora Lambrecht

Management Associate Sustainability and Public Affairs

Laura Leun

Quantitative Consultant

Damian Polok

Vice-President; Founding Member, Germany

@ Silicon Valley Bank

Zofia Przytocka

Community Manager

Vicky Ramirez

Graduate student

Alexander Schwab

IBD Analyst

Carolin Turbahn

Christian Umbach

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ XapiX Inc.

Patrick Vollmer

Associate Director | Investment Banking (M&A) | UBS

Céline von Wallenberg

Marketing and Communication Consultant

Misty Blu Waters

Opportunity Manager

Robin Weninger

Managing Director

@ shapingwork

Marina Zayats

Communications Consultant

Historei Bariz

PhD Student

Dana Gemünde

Senior Consultant

Joanna Kwietniewska

Supervision Analyst

Emmanuel Lubanzadio

Manager Global Government Relations

Marco Peruzzi

Corporate Student

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