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Located in the Diamond Capital of Africa, the Gaborone Hub is comprised of exuberant young residents of the city and surrounding areas. As a city based Hub, we maintain our reach outside of the developed areas so as to provide necessary support for those who may find themselves disenfranchised, while also developing strong leadership and education driven initiatives for habitants of the city of different social and economical backgrounds. Our members are of diverse backgrounds: some residents and citizens of Botswana, some from distant and neighbouring countries – making us a true reflection of Botswana’s population and paying homage to the nation’s founding leaders’ vision of a strong and united nation. Operating in various fields including health care, finance, education, cultural consultancy, civil service, entrepreneurship, agriculture and non-governmental services; we believe that our strength lies in the cross pollination of our members’ expertise. Guided by Botswana’s youth plight and vision for encouraging the next generation of Botswana to engage in innovative industries, we have initiated a number of projects including a high school literary project, hosting topical web-based dialogues, supporting a rural community high school prize-giving, and a counter youth apathy project to challenge both the young people of Botswana to take ownership and the older generations to acknowledge that their support is equally as valuable to the nation’s progress as collaborative custodians of national progress.

25 members


Vincent Orapetswe Morewang

Joined 30 Nov 2017


Didintle Leatile Moreki

Joined 10 Mar 2020

Impact Officer

Tebogo Omphile Morake

Joined 15 Mar 2021

Shatho Babitse

Joined 11 May 2021

Senwelo Samantha Mmabatho Botlhole

Joined 1 Nov 2017

Saskia Czimenga

Joined 24 Feb 2017

Duduetsang Ebineng

Joined 20 May 2021

Louisa Irojiogu

Joined 20 Sep 2017

Pato Kelesitse

Joined 1 Nov 2017

Topoyame Mabophiwa

Joined 10 Feb 2021

Alema Maruping

Joined 11 May 2021

Busang Maruping

Joined 14 Dec 2017

Kitso Matshego

Joined 11 May 2021

Cindy Melemo

Joined 18 Aug 2017

Ditihalo Mmusi

Joined 10 Mar 2020

Lerato Modiega

Joined 10 Mar 2020

Morena Monganja

Joined 30 Nov 2017

Laone Caren Moruisi

Joined 8 Feb 2021

Tapologo Motshubi

Joined 11 Dec 2012

Bakang Ndaba

Joined 15 Mar 2021

Kutlo Oduetse

Joined 11 Mar 2020

Lesego Otlhabanye

Joined 28 Feb 2014

Tapiwa Anna Marie Preston

Joined 27 Jul 2018

Nicole Khumo Senuku

Joined 16 Aug 2018

Chandapiwa Sisila

Joined 22 Oct 2014

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