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Gainesville (Florida) is primarily comprised of passionate young people. The latter constitute a steaming pot of potential that can be tapped into for positive impact in the world, starting with our town. Gainesville is an esteemed college town characterised by rich wildlife ecology and conservation, and a culturally diverse sub-urban residence. Nevertheless, the town is not without its own socio-economic challenges. Some of these include large disparities between East and West Gainesville in terms of social justice, education, healthcare, and housing. Gainesville is also encountering varying degree of biodiversity loss (e.g., population of native plants and insects decreasing) and environmental threats (e.g., flooding and hurricanes). This hub is essential for connecting the youth, developing a network of ambassadors of positive change, exploring our creativity and energy, creating awareness, educating community members and each other, and encouraging solution-oriented activism.

MISSION STATEMENT                                                                                                                          

Making the Voices of the Alachua People Count by Empowering Young Solutions-based Advocates for Sustainable Development and Better Livelihoods.

VISION STATEMENT                                                                                                                             

Building a community of solution-based advocates to drive innovative change through creative community initiatives and capacity building ventures for sustainable development across and beyond Alachua County.

POSITIONING STATEMENT                                                                                                                  

  • For the Alachua People                                                                                                                  

  • who need to be heard,                                                                                                                   

  • the GNV Shapers Hub is a group of solutions-based advocates                                                   

  • that act as a bridge between the Alachua divide                                                                         

  • for effective dialogue and inclusion                                                                                              

  • through creative community initiatives                                                                                         

  • and capacity building ventures for sustainable development across the county and beyond.

VALUE PROPOSITION                                                                                                               

  • How are we solving a problem: By using our listening, creative and organizational skills     

  • What value are we creating: Empowered & Improved Lives                                                     

  • Why should our community count on us: We are driven, genuine and willing to contribute to the betterment of the community we share with the people of Alachua County.





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