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Gaya Hub

The Gaya Hub is one of the newest members to join the Global Shaper Community . Nestled in the religious town of Gaya and the historic place where Lord Buddha obtained enlightenment, this hub aims to build communities stronger by leveraging the diverse skills of its community members. Since inception, the hub has run a number of projects on increasing financial literacy and creating rural employment. In the coming year, the focus of hub will be to extend its program to new villages and also, add new members to the growing team.

16 members


Abhishek Gaurav

Unnayan Amitabh

Suresh Bhagat

Animesh Kumar

Karthikeyan Mothilal

Varghese Joseph Naduvilaparambil


Aahana Dhar

Abhimanyu Gahlaut

Mohan kumar Kandasamy

Arun K S

Abhishek Kumar

Shubham Kumar

Nitin Prakash

Amitabh Singh


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