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Geneva Hub is a group of young people acting for a positive impact in the local community. We are an Initiative of the World Economic Forum , organized in a global network of more than 400 hubs, operating with 3 main objectives. 1. Impact: Our projects are driven by the real needs of our community. We partner with local organizations to make an impact. We strive to link young people with: organizations, multinationals and local leaders. 2. Connect: Being based in Geneva we have a special responsibility in bringing the other hubs and shapers together. We initiate cooperation between the hubs to scale up our projects. We want our work to be seen as reference for other hubs. 3. Grow: We learn from each other to become better leaders. Our uniqueness comes from our diversity. We develop strong relationships and we like working and spending time together.

25 members


Lorenzo Niola

Joined 18 Feb 2016


Alice Guo

Joined 24 Oct 2019

Impact Officer

Eugénie Fontugne

Joined 29 Mar 2020

Advisory Council

Zineb El Ouazzani

Joined 30 Jul 2013

Vanessa Ah Fane

Joined 27 Mar 2017

Maël Azokly

Joined 16 Jun 2020

Taha Bawa

Joined 2 Jun 2016

Florian Bienefelt

Joined 23 Oct 2019

Favre Christelle

Joined 11 Feb 2020

Yannick Heiniger

Joined 8 Jun 2015

Mario Jimenez

Joined 7 May 2019


Joined 20 Mar 2019

Luisa Meneghetti

Joined 23 Apr 2015

AnaMaria Meshkurti

Joined 29 Mar 2020

Santeri Palomäki

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Alberta Pelino

Joined 11 Dec 2012

Giovanni Porcellana

Joined 11 Dec 2012

Elvire Rubayiza

Joined 4 Oct 2018

Eleonora Salluzzi

Joined 4 Oct 2018

Beatrice Scarioni

Joined 11 Dec 2012

Matel Sow

Joined 16 Oct 2019

Christos Tsagkalidis

Joined 31 Mar 2017

Beatrice Montesi

Joined 21 May 2015

Emma Claire Partridge

Joined 25 Oct 2018

Founding Curator

Scott Weber

Joined 16 Nov 2012

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