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The Geneva Hub of the Global Shapers Community serves as a dynamic epicenter for young leaders who are driven to make a tangible impact on both local and global scales. Situated in the international heart of diplomacy, the hub harnesses the unique advantages of its geopolitical location to address issues that transcend borders. Comprising a diverse cohort of professionals, activists, academics, and entrepreneurs, the Geneva Hub epitomizes interdisciplinary collaboration.

Through initiatives focused on sustainable development, human rights, technology governance, and public health, the shapers aim to foster dialogue, facilitate partnerships, and enact tangible solutions. The hub also serves as a cross-cultural location for innovation, inviting members to share their unique perspectives and co-create strategies that can be scaled globally.

Committed to the ethos of 'Think Global, Act Local,' the Geneva Hub also actively engages with the local community to tackle issues like education inequality, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion. By leveraging its connections with global partners, it brings international best practices to local challenges, while also taking grassroots innovations to a wider platform.

The Geneva Hub partners with local organizations to amplify our efforts and create meaningful change in the community. Working closely with local organizations, we can combine their deep understanding of community issues with our global perspective, creating solutions that are both locally relevant and broadly impactful.

With a blend of regular meetups, workshops, and activities the Geneva Hub offers a rich ecosystem for young visionaries to connect, collaborate, and contribute. Through impactful projects and thoughtful dialogue, the Global Shapers of the Geneva Hub are steadfast in their mission to drive change, both in their immediate community and in the global arena.

1. Impact: Our projects are driven by the real needs of our community. We partner with local organizations to make an impact. We strive to link young people with organizations, multinationals and local leaders.

2. Connect: Being based in Geneva we have a special responsibility in bringing the other hubs and shapers together. We initiate cooperation between the hubs to scale up our projects. We want our work to be seen as reference for other hubs.

3. Grow: We learn from each other to become better leaders. Our uniqueness comes from our diversity. We develop strong relationships and we like working and spending time together.

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