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Genoa Hub

The Genoa Hub is a rapidly growing group of talented people determined to improve the status quo for a better future. We benefit from a 360° diversity based on our professional and cultural backgrounds and a special attention to internationalization and gender balance. Our shapers' backgrounds include economics, engineering, research, journalism, politics, law, high technology, marketing, and education.

We are currently active on several long-term projects on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Education, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility.

24 members


Raffaello Camoriano

Postdoctoral Researcher

@ Italian Institute of Technology

Matteo Aragone

Project Manager

@ Genova 2021 (Confindustria Genova)

Alberto Balbi

School Counsellor

@ University of Genoa

Federico Bertocchi


Luca Costanzo

Ph.D. Candidate and Trainee lawyer

Wera Di Cianni

PhD Degree Candidate at Universita della Calabria

Alberto Duretto


Vanessa Sarah Grant

Global Shaper

Rubikha Kamalarajah

Computer Engineer

Federica Laureri

PhD Candidate

@ University of Genoa

Giovanni Battista Nelli


Venkata Sai Yeshasvi Tirupachuri

PhD Fellow

Maurizio Avvenente


Valentina Casella

Student in Medical Biotechnology

Michela Di Giorgio


Marco Einaudi

Junior Process Engineer

@ Danieli Centro Combustion

Fabio Fede


Francesco Gallarati

Trainee Lawyer, Ph.D. student

Guglielmo Mantero

Production Planner


Project Manager Intern

Andrea Scarpati


Elisa Serafini

Partner and Marketing Specialist

Cristiano Amato Visciotti

Business Analyst

Founding Curator

Francesco Derchi


@ d! consulting

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