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Giza Hub

The Giza Hub is comprised of young, passionate and driven individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life who are committed to bringing change to the city we call home. We represent a wide range of fields including entrepreneurship, education, law, technology, media, arts and development. Our diversity yields enriching discussions, wide ranging talents as well as interventions for sustainable social/economic transformation.

21 members


Farah Osman

Mahmoud Abdelaziz

Salma Abou Hussein

Mostafa Adel

Asmaa Ali

Mostafa Amin

Nora Belhadi

Osama Bilal

Amr El Salanekly

Moustafa Yosri Habib Ismail

Ahmed Ibrahim

Sameh Mansour

Mariam Negm

Farah Shash

Karim Amin

Saif Edeen El Bendari

Mohamed El Dib

Maie El-Mahdy

Hana El Sadat

Laila Sedky

Yousef Shoukry

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