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Guayaquil Hub

The Guayaquil Hub is a group of young people from diverse backgrounds that share an incredible drive to improve Guayaquil's communities. We are a young hub that aspires to generate impact through local projects and build a strong foundation for future shapers to join and keep on shaping.Current projects:Nigeria tiene Vida Zona Segura Vestidos Vacíos  

27 members


Alberto Flores

Carlos Arcos

Jorge Chuya Chávez

wolfgang Happe

Kyara Lissette Jurado Zambrano


Karla Lopez Espinoza

Hugo Andrés Morán Lojano

Dalia Nuñez Del Arco Fajardo

Max Nuñez Tomaselli

Jodie Padilla Lozano

Gabriela Pezo

George Pluv

Edison Steeven Vera Herrera

Daniel Vinueza

Valentina Giuliana Areco Brachetti

Lizbeth Johanna Avalos Pullas

Wladimir Espin

Maurie Franco

Gloria Gutiérrez

Angie Miraba

Jennifer Montalvan

Karla Nunez

Pilar Pesantes

Alejandra San Martín

Guillermo Vizcaino

Founding Curator

Julio Clavijo

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