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Guayaquil Hub

The Guayaquil Hub is a group of young people from diverse backgrounds that share an incredible drive to improve Guayaquil's communities. We are a young hub that aspires to generate impact through local projects and build a strong foundation for future shapers to join and keep on shaping!Current projects:Nigeria tiene Vida (Hub project)Vestidos Vacíos (Joint project) 

11 members


Daniel Vinueza

Executive Creative Director

Alberto Flores

Chief Executive Officer

@ The Social Food Co.

Kyara Lissette Jurado Zambrano

Diseñadora y Artista Plástica

Karla Lopez Espinoza

CEO & Co-Founder

Angela Peñaherrera

Field Operator Samsung Project

Alejandro Varas


@ Domo Soluciones Web & TI

Edison Steeven Vera Herrera


Valentina Giuliana Areco Brachetti


Lizbeth Johanna Avalos Pullas


Maurie Franco

Founder/ Executive Director GUAYAQUIL

Founding Curator

Julio Clavijo

Public Policy Adviser

@ National Congress

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