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Founded in 2024, the GSC Haikou Hub emerges as a beacon of youthful dynamism and innovative prowess. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we are on a mission to leverage the boundless energy and creative flair of young minds to confront and overcome the social, environmental and cultural challenges that Hainan Province faces. Our community is a melting pot of global perspectives and expertise, drawing together forward-thinking entrepreneurs, investors, media figures, politicians and scholars. Despite our diverse backgrounds and interests, we share a commitment to societal progress and are driven by a strong determination to make a measurable difference. Our vision is to create a groundbreaking platform that connects Hainan's emerging talents with the global youth network, empowering them to contribute meaningfully to our endeavors. We are committed to driving rural revitalization, advancing societal progress, and fostering the development of the Free Trade Port, thereby amplifying Hainan's presence on the international stage. Join us as we infuse our shared abode with fresh energy and open doors to a realm of new possibilities.

12 members

Founding Curator

Wan Nin Cheung

Joined 6 Mar 2024

Lanyu Deng

Joined 6 May 2024


Yuxin Fan

Joined 7 Mar 2024

LIU hongtai

Joined 6 May 2024


Joined 12 Apr 2024

Jifan Liu

Joined 14 Apr 2024

hangkam wong

Joined 12 Apr 2024

Impact Officer

Yuxin Xie

Joined 8 Mar 2024

Dezheng Yang

Joined 7 May 2024

Yusheng Ye

Joined 9 May 2024

Wenjun Zheng

Joined 14 Apr 2024

Mingyang Zhou

Joined 6 May 2024

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