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Halifax Hub

The Halifax Hub is comprised of people from all over the world, who have chosen to make Halifax their home due to the strong sense of community, great lifestyle, and rewarding career options. The Hub focuses on projects that empower children and marginalized work to improve the quality of life in our city. Our Hub has an ongoing series of breakfast meetings with community leaders to learn from them and improve our understanding of the world around us. The Halifax Shapers love working together to advance the issues we are all passionate about, and benefit from the diversity of perspectives that our varied team brings to the table.

20 members


Ashish Mohan

CWM Operations Analyst

@ Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Paula Campbell

Investment Adviser

@ TD Wealth

Colin Conrad

Lecturer in Information Systems

Sagar Jha

Business Development Manager

Sarah MacDonald

Manager of Annual Giving

Alexandra Meaghen Martell

Field Technician

Emily Miller

Customer Success Manager

@ LeadSift

Donald Mujakperuo

Post Graduate / Master of Engineering Student

Jillian Stewart

PhD Student

Ben Wedge


@ BRW Transportation Consulting

Ian Alexander Whytock

Director, Strategic Programmes @ Confidion Consulting

Paola Beneras P.


Sarah Josephine Briand


Olivia Dorey

Founder, Executive Chair

Jenny Farbstein

Solution Support Engineer

Stephanie Nicole Scott

Gift Shop Coordinator

Inderjyot Singh


Rachel Sovka


Samantha Helen Sproule

Customer Success Manager

Yijie Wang


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