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The Rhine-Neckar metropolitan with its strong economy is the home of countless young people and companies from lots of different industries. In the Global Shapers Hub Heidelberg, we focus on impactful projects by breaking down the silos and connecting all stakeholders, according to our 3 main objectives:

1. Impact: Our projects are driven by the real needs of our community. We partner with local organizations to create synergies. We strive to link young people with organizations, multinationals and local leaders.

2. Connect: Being based in Heidelberg we have a special responsibility in connecting professionals and students, society and corporations, science and business. We also foster cooperation between the hubs to scale up our projects. We want our work to be seen as reference for other hubs.

3. Grow: We learn from each other to become better leaders. Our uniqueness comes from our diversity. We develop strong relationships and, therefore, like working and spending time together.

Sustainability project:

In this project we have a look on how climate change affects the economy in our region and create a holistic understanding of the impact of this change. We do not only a status analysis, we would also like to enable an exchange for the affected companies to share the challenges and opportunities they made on this topic with all the other stakeholders.

Mentoring project:

Connecting university students with pupils to share their personal experiences on everything related to higher education is the mission statement of our Mentoring Project. Our goal is to provide a realistic picture of the different studies and offer guidance on all aspects of studying, including finances, semesters abroad, support from family, extra-curricular activities, searching for apartments, moving out, and more. We want to bridge the education gap for pupils from diverse backgrounds and give them the individual support they need to achieve their educational goals. 

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