Helsinki Hub

Our vision is to improve our shared future by shaping a more inclusive and collaborative society.


As a community of young people our mission is to provide an inspiring space for voicing and driving ideas, concerns and initiatives. We are committed to facilitate positive change by sharing and harnessing knowledge and perspectives in order to tackle local and global challenges of our time.

18 members

Adelaide Botty van Den Bruele

Joined 16 May 2022

Alexandra Bruncrona

Joined 9 Feb 2021

Apurva Ganoo

Joined 17 Feb 2021

Georgios Jopasin

Joined 8 Jan 2020


Ari Kaukiainen

Joined 13 Apr 2019

Founding Curator

Miki Kuusi

Joined 12 May 2014

Iina Lappalainen

Joined 8 Apr 2019

Kristian Lauslahti

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Elina Mäkelä

Joined 8 Apr 2019

Linda Mattila

Joined 30 Dec 2019

Victoria Palacin Silva

Joined 26 Jan 2020

Paula Pirinen

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Eero Riikonen

Joined 30 Dec 2019

Mikko Saarinen

Joined 21 Apr 2019


Aurora Ståhlberg

Joined 10 Feb 2021

Impact Officer

Sampo Tervomaa

Joined 14 Mar 2019

Daniel Uusitalo

Joined 10 Apr 2021

Mariia Zubova

Joined 15 Sep 2017

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