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Herat is a robust, relatively peaceful city with a developing economy, a large number of educated youth and hundreds of educational institutions. Located in western Afghanistan bordering Iran, Herat is the second largest city of Afghanistan. It is the largest city in west Afghanistan and major transition hub connecting Afghanistan to Iran and Turkmenistan. The town is located on the ancient Lapis lazuli and Silk road routes which have diversified its culture and enriched its literature. Because of the relative security and strategic location, Herat is the second most develop city after Kabul in Afghanistan. Its border with Iran, as well as the relatively peaceful situation, has attracted many investments. Also, the city is a major trade route between Afghanistan and Iran for import and export. Herat local government has established an industrial park for investors called Industrial Town, so that paved the ground for more investment in Herat. This industrial town near the Herat International Airport has presented an excellent opportunity for investment. Numerous factories are operating in the city. These businesses have created hundreds of job opportunities for people. Almost all provinces of Afghanistan benefit from Herat industrial town and its factories.  

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